quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

Estrada, Caminho Para Lorena...

Caminho Para Lorena,

Este é um novo caminho, uma nova cidade, uma nova esperança de realizaçoes...um futuro pela frente!

Path To Lorena,

This is a new path, a new city, a new hope of accomplishments ... a future ahead!

domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

West Gate Bridge - Melbourne / AU

West Gate Bridge

Por 1 ano, passei todos os dias por esta ponte, ponte que liga o suburbio e outras cidades ao centro de Melbourne.

West Gate Bridge

For one year, I spent every day this bridge, which connects the suburbs and other cities to the center of Melbourne.

sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

My Tumblr


My Tumblr


Foi Por 2 anos que tive o prazer de morar neste país incrivel, onde aprendi a superar meus limites, foi onde aprendi a caminhar sem medo, foi onde eu fiz o meu melhor, me superando a todo instante e por um lugar ao sol, aqui neste país fiz novas amizades, algumas boas e inesquecivéis e outras nem tão boa assim, o importante é o que eu vou levar para sempre em minha História de Vida!

Why was two years I had the pleasure of living in this amazing country, where I learned to overcome my limits, was where I learned to walk without fear, was where I did my best, beating me all the time and a place in the sun, here this country made ​​new friends, some good and memorable and some not so good so the important thing is what I'm going to take forever in my life history!

William Shakespeare - " I Learned..."

I learned ...

"I learned that I can not demand love from anyone.

I can only give good reasons for them to like me and Patience, for life to do the rest.

I learned that no matter how certain things are important to me, some people do not give a damn and I will never be able to convince them.

I learned that I can spend years building a truth and destroy it in seconds.

I can use my charm for only 15 minutes, after that, I need to know what I'm talking about.

I've learned ... That I can do something in a minute and have to answer for it the rest of my life.

That is cut by more than one sliced ​​bread, this bread still has two faces, and the same goes for everything we cut our way.

I learned ... It will take much to make me the person I want to be, and I must have patience.

But I also learned that I can go beyond the limits that I put myself.

I learned that I need to choose between control my thoughts or be controlled by them.

That heroes are people who do what they think they should do at that time regardless of the fear he feels.

I learned that forgiveness requires much practice.

What a lot of people like me, but can not express it.

I learned ... That in difficult times, the help came just that person that I thought I would try to make things worse.

I learned that I can be angry, I have the right to annoy me, but I have the right to be cruel.

I would never tell a child their dreams are impossible, because it would be a tragedy for the world if I could convince her that.

I learned that my best friend will get hurt from time to time, and I have to get used to it.

That is not enough to be forgiven by others, I need to forgive myself first.

I learned that no matter how much my heart is suffering, the world will not stop because of that.

I learned ... That the circumstances of my childhood are responsible for who I am, but not for the choices I make as an adult;

I learned that a fight must choose which side I am, even when I do not want to get involved.

That when two people argue, does not mean they hate each other, and when two people argue does not mean they love each other.

I learned that as much as I want to protect my children, they will get hurt and I do too. That's part of life.

I learned that my life can change forever in a few hours, because of people I've never seen before.

I also learned that diplomas on the wall do not make me more respectable or wiser.

I learned that love words lose their meaning when used without discretion.

And that friends are not only to keep the bottom of the chest, but to show that they are friends.

I learned that some people leave our lives anyway, even if we wish to retain them forever.

I learned, after all, it is difficult to draw a line between being gentle, do not hurt people, and learn to fight for things I believe. "
William Shakespeare

quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

Aquele Abraço
Gilberto Gil

O Rio de Janeiro
Continua lindo
O Rio de Janeiro
Continua sendo
O Rio de Janeiro
Fevereiro e março

Alô, alô, Realengo
Aquele Abraço!
Alô torcida do Flamengo
Aquele abraço

Chacrinha continua
Balançando a pança
E buzinando a moça
E comandando a massa
E continua dando
As ordens no terreiro

Alô, alô, seu Chacrinha
Velho guerreiro
Alô, alô, Terezinha
Rio de Janeiro
Alô, alô, seu Chacrinha
Velho palhaço
Alô, alô, Terezinha
Aquele Abraço!

Alô moça da favela
Aquele Abraço!
Todo mundo da Portela
Aquele Abraço!
Todo mês de fevereiro
Aquele passo!
Alô Banda de Ipanema
Aquele Abraço!

Meu caminho pelo mundo
Eu mesmo traço
A Bahia já me deu
Régua e compasso
Quem sabe de mim sou eu
Aquele Abraço!
Prá você que me esqueceu
Aquele Abraço!
Alô Rio de Janeiro
Aquele Abraço!
Todo o povo brasileiro
Aquele Abraço!

That Hug
Gilberto Gil

The Rio de Janeiro
still beautiful
The Rio de Janeiro
The Rio de Janeiro
February and March

Hello, hello, Realengo
That Hug!
Hello fans of Flamengo
that hug

get-together continues
Shaking his paunch
And honking the girl
And commanding the mass
And keeps giving
The orders in the yard

Hello, hello, your get-together
old warrior
Hello, hello, Therese
Rio de Janeiro
Hello, hello, your get-together
old clown
Hello, hello, Therese
That Hug!

Hello young favela
That Hug!
Everyone Portela
That Hug!
Each February
That step!
Hello Banda de Ipanema
That Hug!

My way around the world
I even trace
Bahia has given me
Ruler and compass
Who knows me I'm
That Hug!
I forgot you Prá
That Hug!
Hello Rio de Janeiro
That Hug!
The Brazilian people
That Hug!